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Greathouse Trial Law, LLC is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 91 reviews from around the Web.
Greathouse Trial Law epitomizes professionalism, and research’s the best solution for clients with a tenacity that surpasses other law firms.
Mr. Greathouse came highly recommended. Upon our first consultation He was very informative with me about the process and kept me well informed. Mr....
Your experience will be exceptional working with Greathouse Law.
He is very compassionate and concerned about you becoming whole again. He cares a lot for all people. Bless you Riah.
Riah and his staff were very friendly and welcoming. He exceeded my expectations of a trial lawyer. Thank you Riah Greathouse!!!!
Great people. Answered any question I had and was extremely honest. Riah and his team are A1!!!!
He was very thorough, honest and personal. There was never a communication problem. I will never forget the Greathouse experience!!!
Mr. Greathouse is the greatest contradiction of the stereotypical image of the greed-driven lawyer. Atty Greathouse takes the time to not only get an...
Good people yields great business...every time.
He was very diligent and honestly cared about her claim. As a fellow attorney, I could not give a higher recommendation for his services.
Very greatful for them.
Attorney Greathouse and his staff’s service orientation instilled great confidence in their ability and dedication to handle my case.
I had a very positive and professional experience with this firm to say the least, I would most definitely work with them again in the future if the opportunity presented itself.
Greathouse trail law is hands down one of the most helpful and trustworthy law firms in Atlanta. Thank you for all your hard work Greathouse!
Great Firm! Attorney Hagood is a great lawyer and the team helped me at every turn. Very professional and extremely thorough.