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Are You the Victim of a Hit and Run Accident in Georgia?

Are You the Victim of a Hit & Run Accident in Georgia? Understand How to Collect Economic and Non-Economic Damages

By Riah Greathouse / April 20, 2021 /

Damages are those payments made to a car accident victim when they have left the accident scene with serious injuries. Economic damages include things like lost wages, funeral and burial expenses, and medical expenses. Non-economic damages are often more challenging to quantify because they include things like pain and suffering. Georgia law also states specific…

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Three Ways to Win Top Dollar on Your Case | Personal Injury Lawyer, Atlanta, GA

Three Ways to Win Top Dollar on Your Case

By Riah Greathouse / February 23, 2021 /

If you’ve been in an accident you likely want to maximize the amount of money you receive in your settlement. Here are three ways to ensure you win top dollar for your case. Maximize Your Medical Treatment After your accident, it is crucial that you go to top-notch medical professionals to seek treatment. Your treatment…

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Tips For Taking Pictures After An Accident | Personal Injury Lawyer, Atlanta, GA

Tips For Taking Pictures After An Accident

By Riah Greathouse / February 18, 2021 /

No one imagines they will end up a victim in a car accident, but with thousands of Georgians getting in accidents each year, it’s best to know what to do if you ever find yourself in that situation. One of the most important things you can do if you’ve been in an accident is to…

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Hit by a Drunk Driver in Georgia? | Call Us (678) 310-2827

Hit by a Drunk Driver in Georgia? Know Your Rights

By Riah Greathouse / February 16, 2021 /

Driving under the influence is a serious crime and can result in severe auto accidents, injuries, and even death. While a drunk driver will likely receive criminal charges for driving under the influence, this conviction will not provide the victims with any compensation for their injuries, lost wages, or emotional distress. Georgia law gives victims…

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How Does Atlanta Rank for Traffic Congestion?

How Does Atlanta Rank for Traffic Congestion?

By Riah Greathouse / January 15, 2021 /

In 2019, the Texas A&M Transportation Institute released the Urban Mobility Report containing a comprehensive traffic analysis of the United States. The report confirmed what most Atlanta drivers suspected – traffic congestion in this city is among the worst in the country. Atlanta Rank for Traffic Congestion Data The 2019 Urban Mobility Report listed various…

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Personal Injury Attorney

5 Qualities to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

By Riah Greathouse / July 15, 2020 /

Car accidents, personal injuries, and other catastrophes can upend your life, causing pain and suffering, lost wages, and steep medical bills. Having a skilled lawyer on your side can ease the legal aspects of your recovery, at the least. Finding a good personal injury attorney in Georgia is also easier than you might think. Here…

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Auto Accident Law

Understanding Georgia’s Auto Accident Law

By Riah Greathouse / June 15, 2020 /

All motorists need to understand their legal responsibilities before they get behind the wheel. Understanding Georgia’s auto accident law could help protect you from significant legal problems later. Even a minor mishap can prompt someone to file a lawsuit against you. Don’t assume the laws are the same in every state, because each state has…

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